A seasoned journalist, Mathieu Yuill has been published in newspapers and magazines around the globe. Known for his profiles of business, education and thought leaders, in 2005, a colleague asked Mathieu what qualities the subjects he had interviewed had that made them successful. The list was quite long but the leaders that stood out to Mathieu — those that inspired him — excelled in the following areas:

  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Generosity
  • Service

Wondering if these qualities were simply the ones that made leaders inspiring or if they contributed to their effectiveness and ability to increase the bottom line, Mathieu began investigating academic and scientific research to learn if these qualities had been empirically proven to have a positive impact on the bottom line. The evidence was overwhelming; leaders who pursue these qualities show a marked increase in their ability to inspire others, build loyalty and get results.

This led to a website, blog and eventually a book, Leading With Nice.

Why Leading With Nice?

The leaders we discovered who had these traits were savvy business people, titans of industry, heralded educators and wise thought leaders. They were also nice. Did they hold people accountable? Of course. Did they demand results? Absolutely. Did they use fear, threats, bullying and intimidation? Never.

Leading With Nice is leading with appreciation. Asking how we can be at our best and then being relentless in the pursuit of it.


As Leading With Nice, the movement, grew in popularity, Mathieu and his colleagues were asked to consult with individuals, non-profits and corporations to help solve problems, reach clarity and deliver results. Mathieu called his consultancy Leading With Nice and works with clients using the same appreciative approach. His clients include large and small non-profits, corporations with long histories, social enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals, all who are in pursuit of results. They know the team at Leading With Nice will deliver on-time, on-spec and on-budget.

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