Breaking bread and building trust

Trust is a foundational quality for leaders who are looking to build a workplace culture that brings the sum of all parts together and creates something of much richer value. We're not speaking here of the kind of trust that says, "I trust you to get your job done on...

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The $3,000 Quality

At the award ceremony when NBA superstar, Kevin Durant, was presented with the league's most valuable player award, he didn't take the opportunity to talk about the hard work he had put in or the years of dedication it had taken to reach such heights. Instead he...

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Trust lessons from master muppeteer, Jim Henson

It isn’t easy being green. As creator of Kermit the Frog and Muppet franchise, Jim Henson was the man in charge to a company with hundreds of employees. But unlike other heads of corporate America known for their tyranny and miserable treatment of employees (think the...

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Honesty starts with a look in the mirror

I had lunch with a colleague the other day who had just made a switch to a new company. In a rare occurrence it was actually a company he had worked for previously and had been the de facto CEO for. He had now returned in a different role and when I asked him why he...

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