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A woman working with a child on her lap

Preventing Burnout During COVID-19

Research is beginning to pour in. People who have been fortunate enough to retain their employment during the COVID-19 pandemic are beginning to hit a wall named burnout. Employees don’t know what to do so they just work harder. Employers have never had to manage a workforce remotely and they don’t know how to take their foot off the gas.

A woman working with a child on her lap

Increase Your Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand someone from their frame of reference. It’s also the trait that leads to reducing employee absenteeism, law suits against your company and increases the bottom line.

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Find Your Why

You’ve watched the Simon Sinek TED Talk and maybe you’ve read his book. But how do you actually go about finding your why?

In this free, 1 hour workshop, you’ll start the journey to finding your why. This is not a sit and listen workshop, you will participate and leave with actionable ideas you can use to align your life with your why and live with purpose.