Mathieu Yuill is now Leading With Nice

Written by Mathieu Yuill

September 01, 2019

Hi friends! Since 2013, I’ve been telling you about how to Lead With Nice. Years of research culminated in a book that laid out how six simple values: Gratitude, Empathy, Trust, Honesty, Generosity and Service all pointed to not only an increase in inspiration and loyalty of those who you sought to influence, but also intentionally developing these qualities led to an increase in achieving results.

The book that started it all has now become a consulting agency. With a group of like-minded colleagues, we consult in leadership and team development, strategic planning, project development and delivery, executive coaching and team building.

We’ve kept the same name: Leading With Nice. When we consult, we do it through this lens.

We would love to work with you. Email us or schedule a call.


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