Preventing Burnout During COVID-19

Research is beginning to pour in. People who have been fortunate enough to retain their employment during the COVID-19 pandemic are beginning to hit a wall named burnout. Employees don’t know what to do so they just work harder. Employers have never had to manage a workforce remotely and they don’t know how to take their foot off the gas.

Parents are especially vulnerable during this time because their entire support network has been taken away from them: school, organized sport, clubs, friendship groups and family. 

In this webinar we’ll discuss how to prevent burnout during COVID-19 for both employees and employers. There needs to be equal onus in ensuring employees come back to work ready and excited to do their best. The alternative is they come back to work looking for a new job. Register today.

When you register, you’ll receive with a link to the workshop, a reminder before it starts and after it’s completed, access to a recording of the workshop  to make sure you don’t miss anything.

A woman working with a child on her lap