Publishing Tips from a Pre-Teen with Anushka Bhattacharjee

Written by Jamie Hunter

September 22, 2022

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Remember during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when we all promised we’d master a new skill, language or hobby during lockdown?

Some of us learned how to bake sourdough bread. Others became fluent in a second (or third) language. Maybe you embraced gardening.

Anushka Bhattacharjee, a Grade 4 student from Toronto, took full advantage of her time at home. The then-eight-year-old wrote and published her first book, My Magic Mirror, which is a creative take on The Three Little Pigs fable.

“I was just really bored during COVID,” Anushka says on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “Then one day I realized that the ending to the original Three Little Pigs was really bugging me because the first two little pigs were originally eaten by the Big Bad Wolf … so I decided to change it.”

It only makes sense that Anushka would eventually write and publish her own book. She started reading at the age of two and has been a regular member of local libraries since she was a toddler. In the past year alone, she read over 1,000 library books!

Anushka has inspired many little readers during her in-person book events. Many of whom, including her six-year-old sister, Arushi, now want to pursue their dream of becoming an author.

Anushka is also very active in the community and donates part of her publishing proceeds to charitable organizations like Durham Children’s Aid Society, Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre, and Autism Home Base.

“For every one book I complete, there’s another six that I’ve only gone like a couple pages in,” she says. “If you have so many ideas, just stick to maybe the one that you think is going to be the smallest. It will take less time to finish, and you’ll have more time for the rest.”

To learn more about the inspiration, process and discipline behind writing and publishing Anushka’s first book, check out the episode of the Leading With Nice Interview Series below.


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