Adapting to Lead with Conner McDowell

Eighteen-year-old Conner McDowell was bullied throughout primary school but he never let it defeat him. Instead, he used the experience to fuel his desire to lead and become a beacon of hope for other kids with similar experiences.

“I’m not the only kid that’s going to get bullied and I’m not the only kid that’s going to get picked on,” Conner said on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “I just want to be a guy, really, that they can look upon and be like, he went through this and he went through that, and he’s still successful. Anything is possible to overcome if you want it bad enough. I really just want to be that role model for other people and myself.”

Today, he’s the valedictorian of Neil McNeil Catholic High School in Scarborough, Ont. and a recipient of a DAREarts Youth Leadership Award — recognizing his dedication to create incredible positive change in his own life and in his community. A life-long train enthusiast, he decided to pursue his passion and is currently studying to be a train conductor in Alberta.

Conner is a shining example that although it’s never too late to lead — it’s never too early, either. Check out our conversation with the young leader below.