Being A Grateful Leader – Day One

Being a grateful leader means showing and demonstrating gratitude. This week we look at why it’s important and how you can build your capacity to be full of gratitude.


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Good day and welcome to the Leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill, it’s Monday. So that means a new topic for the week. And this week we’re talking about leadership and gratitude. I’m really avoiding doing like the whole have an attitude of gratitude even though I know if it rhymes, it must be true. So let’s dive right into it. And the first question we want to ask is why is gratitude a positive thing or a good thing to focus on building your capacity and your ability to show as a leader? And as we’ve said before, it only makes sense in the business world if it really is helping the bottom line. Well Paul by in 2014 found that 58% of employees feel like they don’t get thanked enough in the workplace. And that led to feelings of under-appreciation. In fact, of those employees that feel they aren’t thanked enough, almost half of them, 41% felt demotivated.

And it’s no secret that demotivation is one of the biggest productivity sucks in the workplace. It’s hard to measure on the balance sheet, but employees that don’t have a high level of motivation to do their job and to do it well just aren’t going to help you and your organization meet its goals. So you definitely want to focus on being a leader that shows a lot of gratitude. And this week we’ll talk about how to do it, how not to do it, where we see it done well, and some resources. But that’s all for today. For more on this topic, visit but we want to help you inspire others to build loyalty and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.