Can Leadership Be Taught? – Day Four

It’s day two of looking at research from Jonathon P. Doh on how leadership can be taught. His research outlined the specific type of education needed to teach leadership and four ways leadership can be taught. We talk about it today.

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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill and today we continue looking at the question, can leadership be taught? Yesterday we looked at some research by Jonathan P DOE, in a paper titled can leadership be taught perspectives from management educators? And yesterday we looked at what they had to say about instilling the leadership learning in young people. Today we’re going to see what the paper says, what the research found about the education for leaders. So they concluded in the paper was it was concluded that definitely leadership needs education. It needs a very specific kind of education. It needs leadership education. So what makes up leadership education? He wrote this leadership education, like leadership itself must rely on approaches such as mentoring, coaching, patterning, and trial and error experience. So can leadership be taught? Yes, it definitely can be taught and there is a formula for doing it.

So if you’re in a relationship with somebody where you have the ability to teach them to be a leader, your job is to use strategies such as mentoring, coaching, patterning, and trial and error experiences. Now, of course, it’s the learner’s job to do the same thing or to receive that learning. If you are in a position where you are helping somebody in their leadership journey, take a moment and write down how just one thing, one way that you teach them through mentoring, coaching, patterning and trial and error. Experience, how you are intentional about teaching them through those methods. For more on this topic, visit where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.