Can Leadership Be Taught? – Day One

This week we’re asking the question, Can leadership be taught? Sometimes you’ll hear people suggest that a particular person doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader. And while that might be true – it’s only true for a very narrow definition of leadership. Listen today to find out what we mean.

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Welcome to the leading with nice daily. I’m Mathieu Yuill this week we’re looking at the question, can leadership be taught? I’m not sure if you’ve ever been in a conversation where someone has said something like leaders can’t be made or that person doesn’t have the ability to be a leader. But I have, and let me propose this. I completely agree. Okay, but I need to clarify. Often when people speak this way, they’re only talking about a very narrow view of leadership and that’s the leadership of others. They’re totally discounting self-leadership. Lots of people for various reasons. Do you not have the want or desire to lead others while some have the want desire to lead others but don’t have the skills or abilities? We’ll talk about those groups later this week, but today I want to talk about self-leadership and one step you can take to help develop yourself leadership abilities you see, no matter what your personality type, regardless of your career aspirations, you can be an amazing leader of yourself.

We discussed last week. Leadership is influence. So self-leadership is consciously influencing your own thoughts and behavior. In order to achieve your personal goals or an organization’s objectives, you don’t have to speak to anyone or lead anybody else but yourself. So here’s your task for today, to develop yourself. Leadership. Put yourself in your shoes by putting yourself in your own shoes. You are consciously moving from a mindset of self-judgment to self-understanding. Think of a time when you judge yourself and ask, what would I say to myself in this moment if I was trying to understand me. For more on this topic, visit where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results talk to you again tomorrow.