Can Leadership Be Taught? – Day Three

Research shows that leadership frameworks can be developed in adolescence. Today we discuss what resources you might use to help influence a young person in your life to help develop their leadership skills.

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Greetings and welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill in this week we’re looking at the question can leadership be taught? So today and tomorrow we’re going to source a paper written in 2017 by Jonathan P dough with the title can leadership be taught perspectives from management educators. So the first piece I want to glean from this is based on their research, they concluded a few findings and one of them around can leadership be taught was this, that frameworks for leadership potential are solidified in adolescents. So that doesn’t mean you either are a leader or are not a leader by the time you’re 13, 14 or whatever adolescent sat means for the individual. What it means is that you can actually prepare somebody for leadership by just doing the right things with a young person. So I love to cite books and all.

I’ll do a little pitch for one. Now I love the Seven Habits For Highly Effective Teams that’s written by Steven Covey’s son. And it just is basically a more fun to read version of the seven habits of highly effective people going through this book. There’s a workbook as well, with you and your kids, or maybe a young person you’re mentoring is a really great way to establish some framework for leadership. Now I’m not saying that that will make them a definite leader, but it will give them the framework for self leadership leading from the second chair or being at the head of the tribe. So your action item for this week is to check out some resources you could use to influence young people in your life. For more on this topic, visit a where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty, and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.