Can Leadership Be Taught? – Day Two


This week we’re asking the question Can leadership be taught? Sometimes you’ll hear people suggest that a particular person doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader. And while that might be true – it’s only true for a very narrow definition of leadership. Listen today to find out what we mean.

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Welcome to the leading with nice daily. I’m Mathieu Yuill,this week we’re looking at the question and leadership be taught. After I recorded yesterday’s episode, I realized the irony of the question we’re exploring this week, can leadership be taught? I mean, if the answer is no, a leadership cannot be taught, then I should retain this. Our special unique gifts daily. Right? So how has one taught leadership? Teaching leadership has a true equal Otis between the teacher and the learner. The one doing the teaching needs to have the mindset of being a hero maker. They need to be demonstrating and enabling the student to regularly put into practice their leadership abilities and the student needs to be always ready to learn. They need to understand that some of the greatest learnings will come at a time where they are vulnerable at their weakest or I’ve made an error in judgment. During these times when the learner is in the middle of a challenging stretch the teacher’s job is to affirm. Affirmation is so powerful both when given to someone else and also when given to yourself. Science has shown that receiving affirmations actually helps rewire your brain to help that affirmation become more real to you in your subconscious bonus tip. That’s why avoiding overly negative people is important. It works both ways. So today’s action item is this, affirms something to yourself. Do it out loud, and now try it with someone you influence, a colleague report, or maybe a family member.

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