Communicating in Crisis

It’s something you hope never happens by most likely, at some point in the future or even happening right now, is a crisis. In this course, we’ll cover how to prepare for communicating in a crisis, what to do when one happens upon your organization, how to maintain great communications in the midst of a crisis, how to communicate as the crisis comes to conclusion and what to communicate afterwards.

Plus some great bonus content at the end outlining the types of crises you might find yourself in and some examples of great communications during a crisis.

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What You’ll Learn in the Course

  • How to prepare for a crisis before it’s happened
  • Successful strategies for ongoing communications strategies during a crisis
  • How, when, where and what to communicate a when a crisis hits
  • What to communicate as the crisis comes to conclusion
  • The secrets behind evaluating and making plans for communicating after the crisis is over

Who Should Take This Course

  • Communications staff
  • Executive Directors
  • CEOs
  • Board of Directors
  • Nonprofit volunteers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Customer Service Professionals

What happens
when you don’t communicate well in crisis?

Having a plan to own your communications during a crisis is going to prevent someone other than you from owning the narrative. When you don’t communicate well in crisis rumours replace facts, confusion replaces confidence and trust replaces anger. People will begin to see your organization as disorganized and blame you for the crisis – even if it was beyond your control.

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“I learned so much from this course – I was concerned it would be really overwhelming and a lot of information to process, but it’s presented in a really easy-to-learn way.”

Sandra Smith

“If there’s one course you should be taking right now, it’s this one on how to communicate in crisis. There is so much to learn and so much you’re probably not doing right now that can either help you prepare or get through the one you’re in.”

Jacob Rothstein

“Really practical tips, some great examples and a simple plan that can be applied regardless of what the crisis might be. Definitely some of the best value I’ve ever received from a course.”

Mohammad Abis