Developing Leadership Skills – Discipline – Day Five

Do you know someone who isn’t even scratching the surface of their potential? Today, the last in our series on Developing Leadership Skills, we’ll look at how to empower and inspire others.

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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. It’s Friday. So that means it’s the last day of looking at developing your leadership skills. And today I want to talk to you about two things and they’re my favorite part of being a leader and that is inspiring and empowering. So you probably know somebody who isn’t even tapping into their potential. Like they’re just, they’re coasting, they never even scratched the surface of being the best version of themselves. And it’s their decision, no matter how much prodding you give them, they’re the ones who decide how far they want to go, how much they want to push themselves. So my observation is it’s often about a confidence issue for them and not that it has to be some deep seated anxiety or depression or you know, really bad self confidence. Sometimes it can just be a small confidence problem.

And here’s why I like to overcome that. I start by putting on my discerning listening ears and in conversations I truly learn about them, what they like, what gets them excited, what bumps them out. And then in future conversations I acknowledge them with that information and I encourage them when they do something and that’s something, it doesn’t have to be like, you know, closing a big deal or like finishing a big project. Just a few weeks ago I was in an office and I came in and got coffee and it was already made and I was the second person in the office and that person who was in before me always makes the coffee. So I got my coffee, I walked down to their office and I said, Hey, I really appreciate every time I come in you have the coffee made. It’s so thoughtful. You do it every day.

You could easily make one cup of yourself or get it that Tim Horton from the way in. But man, my day starts better because of you. And later on the day they came and told me how they just, they needed that. I’m not sure why they needed that, but they said they needed that that day and I’ve actually seen an increase in them taking initiative. No, I’m sure it’s not only that one conversation, but it was thoughtful and the next thing is in writing it. We’re running late today. I know that guys im sorry, but the next thing is empower them. Give them the ability to lead and then walk alongside them. That’s how you develop your leadership skills by doing those two things for others that’s offered today. It’s been a great week. Have a great weekend for more on this topic. Visit where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Talk to you next week.