Developing Leadership Skills – Discipline – Day Two

When is the right time to follow? Learning to follow is a leadership skill that sounds counterintuitive but knowing when to let someone else take the reins is a top leadership skill.

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Good day and welcome to the Leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill and this week we’re talking about developing your leadership skills and today I want to talk about one that might sound counter to leadership and it’s actually learning to follow. True leadership is actually about yielding control when it is appropriate, not when you’re tired or when you don’t want to take on something, but when it’s actually appropriate. There is going to be times, it probably happens to you today if you don’t even consider yourself in a leadership position, but it’s happening. There’s times when someone is better suited to do something at a given time in. The key is in this moment is to recognize it and give them control. This really speaks into one of the pillars of leading with nice and that’s trust. Definitely the opposite of good leadership in this arena would be doing things like micromanaging, looking over someone’s shoulder, etc, etc, but to be able to recognize when somebody has a certain skill set or maybe the time is right to hear their voice.

Perhaps your voice is becoming muted or because there’s been so much of you, the impact of what you’re doing is not being felt and just somebody else who has that right energy needs to step up. That is not giving up control. I just wanted to make it very clear between giving up in yielding; yielding, if you think of it in a highway, traffic term is just letting somebody go ahead and letting somebody take the right of way when it’s right for them to go forward. That’s what yielding is giving up would be going off the highway altogether and not coming back. When you yield, you can even come back in front of that other vehicle down the road that’s offered today though from on this topic, visit leading with where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results taught you again tomorrow.