Embark on a Generosity Journey with Sue Wigston

Sue Wigston’s entire career has been driven by her passion for people.

For over 25 years with Eagle’s Flight, a full-service learning and development partner based in Guelph, Ont., she collaborated with various organizations to develop strategy and support tactical efforts in creating high-performing, innovative and engaged corporate cultures.

She has since transitioned her talents over to not-for-profit giving platform Givesome as the organization’s CEO. Givesome’s goal is to support and enhance the corporate social purpose of organizations and use their platform and technology to facilitate those conversations.

“If [CEOs] are not prioritizing the corporate social purpose in their organizations, they are missing a huge opportunity to drive employee engagement and customer loyalty because it’s table stakes now,” Sue said on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “Employees and customers want to not just know what you’re doing. They want to be a part of it and they want to see the good that’s happening.”

Sue would be the first to tell you that she wakes up every day thinking about generosity. She recently stopped by the podcast to chat about how we can all grow in our own generosity journey. Listen below.