How to Communicate in a Crisis

What do you do when your company, nonprofit or association is faced with a crisis? What do you tell your staff and customers? Where do you put your messages and how often do you share information?

We’re excited to launch a brand new course that will help you answer that question. In partnership with Briercrest, the Communicating in Crisis course teaches you everything you need to know to navigate the communications in a time of crisis.

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So who should purchase this course? Is it just for people who work in communications? Not at all. In fact, the course was created specifically to be helpful for both seasoned communication professionals and those who may have another primary function. The secret to great communications during a crisis is to have everyone understanding the same plan and this course will help everyone get on the same page.

There’s lots of learning in Communicating in Crisis. Some of what you’ll learn includes:

  • How to prepare for a crisis before it’s happened
  • How to communicate when a crisis hits
  • Successful strategies for ongoing communications strategies during a crisis
  • What to communicate as the crisis comes to conclusion
  • The secrets behind evaluating and making plans for communicating after the crisis is over

We recorded some bonus content you’ll get access to after registering for the course including a great case study, understanding the types of crises you may face and some excellent examples of crisis communications

Sign up today and I’ll see you in the course.