How to Lead with Positivity and Purpose with Keka DasGupta

Over the 24 years that Keka DasGupta spent in the marketing and PR industry, she noticed something to be true: brands don’t have low self-esteem.

“Everything around brands has to be always about the brand itself,” Keka said on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “So imagine Coca-Cola, always steeped in red, always the shape of the bottle. McDonald’s with the golden arches. Brands are always about themselves.”

So Keka looked at the principles behind branding and realized they can also be practiced by individuals to improve their overall wellbeing.

“Knowing yourself, knowing what you stand for, understanding your values, really staying within what makes you you and really appreciating that and sharing it with the world: if we apply those to our mental health and wellness strategies, the results can be transformative,” she said.

Today, Keka is a professional speaker, presenting her ideas at TEDx events and beyond, and the founder of The Art of Life-ing, a platform that allows her to run gratitude workshops across North America for both students and corporate audiences.

“We tend to think that we’re the really dull light bulb … but we shine at 1,000 watts,” Keka said. “We just don’t see ourselves, so we don’t see that. It’s just really important for me to help people see the magic inside of them. And I love that conversation when we can do that together.”

Pretty inspiring stuff, right? Check out the episode below to hear more from Keka about how to recognize your own personal value so you can live with more positivity, esteem and purpose.