How to Lighten the Leadership Load with Richard Walsh

As an owner, founder, CEO or executive director, the amount of responsibility that rests on your shoulders can seem overwhelming.

Richard Walsh can certainly relate. The 30-year veteran business owner was experiencing this exact burden. So he did something about it.

Richard investigated the best ways to lighten his load in order to concentrate on the five per cent only he could do and put his findings into the best-selling book, Escape the Owner Prison. The book aims to help the do-everything-myself business owner escape the self-imposed shackles of business and create massive success without sacrificing family life, profitability and freedom.

“The old adage, ‘If I want it done right, I gotta do it myself,’ is the worst saying to ever put in your brain,” Richard says on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “What you have to realize is that alone you can go faster, but together you can go further.”

He’s also the creator of the Escape the Owner Prison (ETOP) Academy, where he takes owners through all the steps to achieve those results. As the host of the ETOP Podcast, Richard brings top-rated business advice and strategies from top performers throughout the world to help entrepreneurs get a tactical advantage in their business growth.

If you’re feeling trapped in your own “ownership prison,” you’re going to want to queue up this week’s podcast as soon as you can, as Richard explores some concepts you can enact today to create freedom while still being massively successful. Not to be missed!