Investing in Transparency to Build Trust with Tim Nash

Trust is a small word with big meaning — especially when it comes to personal investing. Having trust in the person who’s advising you on your financial investments is crucial.

Nobody knows this better than Tim Nash, founder of Good Investing, a team of investment coaches who support DIY investors to align their portfolio with their values.

“By doing the right thing, by being nice or by being good by your customers and by your employees, this idea of what we call stakeholder capitalism, that everybody makes more money,” Tim said on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “There’s this mindset in the financial community that the way to maximize profits is by cheating and stealing and exploiting … my dream is to really empower the people who don’t agree with that worldview, who actually know that by treating their neighbours well, and by looking after each other, like, they benefit, too!”

You’ll find that Tim’s method of using transparency to build trust isn’t only beneficial in the financial investing world, but also when investing in employees in the workforce. Check out the episode below for more.