So what’s the bottom line on empathy and leadership? Well … it’s actually the bottom line. Empathy impacts your company’s or organization’s profitability.

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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is Matthew Yuill. This week we’re looking at empathy and leadership. So today I promised we would talk about why you want to develop empathy as a leader. Now often in business if it does not impact the bottom line, it’s hard to make a business case for it. And I hate to sound so crude because I think there’s much more nuance to it, but we only have two minutes every day. So the reason he wants to develop empathy as leader is because it will impact the bottom line. The data has shown people who report to leaders who show high levels of empathy actually feel that that is the same as getting a significant race, so they don’t demand as many salary increases or they do not have the same desire for more money than those employees who don’t work.

For a leader who demonstrates a high level of empathy, but really a really simple one to understand is employees who report that their boss or leader shows a high level of empathy take on average 30% less sick days. If you want to talk to your CFO or HR about the cost of sick days and employee absenteeism, uh, in your work environment, please do. Because they will tell you it is a significant cost and one that if they could decrease, they definitely would. Tomorrow’s topic visit, meeting with but we wanted to help you inspire others, build a LT and get results. Talk to him tomorrow.