Leadership And Honesty – Day Five

Day five and we return to integrity. Honesty is interchangeable with integrity with today’s employees and employees say it is the biggest leadership acumen that keeps them engaged.


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Good day and welcome to leading with nice daily my name is Mathieu Yuill, and this week we’re looking at honesty and leadership and today’s the last day and I want to return to integrity. Integrity is often thought of as honesty. In fact, a Workopolis survey found that people, employees would exchange integrity and honesty for each other. They basically think it’s the main thing. And they said this in the survey and the results said this, that trust and honesty is a crucial part of engagement and satisfaction. In fact, 55% of the employees in this survey cited honesty and integrity with senior management as the most important piece of job satisfaction. So how can you build honesty? How can you start doing that if you’re, if you feel you’re having trouble with it today? Well, the first way to do it is this. Do what you say you’re going to do.

Follow through. Show people that even on the small things you’re going to do it. Now, oftentimes, leaders, who especially have a very high interpersonal way of leading will say, Oh Hey, I’m going to connect you with somebody. And they fail to do it. That can really break down your integrity. Also show them that how even when something is hard, you will do the right thing when you, especially when you think about employee turnover or change over, somebody has to leave. How can you have conversations about it being the right thing for both the organization and the right thing for that person? Often when somebody is in a employment situation and it’s just not working, it’s not right for either, but we often think, Oh, this is not good for the company, but how are you helping that employee land and be successful in the future if you’re letting them go? That’s a big part of honesty. Integrity. Thank you so much for listening this week. I really enjoyed this topic. For more on it, visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results talk to you again next week.