Leadership and Honesty – Day Four

What could be holding your team back? Could it be a matter of honesty? Today we’re going to discuss the difference between being held accountable and being left to your own devices.

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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily my name is Mathieu yuill and this week we’re talking about leadership and honesty and today I want to talk about the team factor like so let’s talk about your individual team, your senior leadership team, the team that you’re on, whoever they are, and what could be potentially holding your team back from really doing the three things. And I hate to talk about inspiring others, building loyalty and getting results could be a matter of honesty. And how this plays out on your team is I want to ask a question, do you have a commitment to commitment? on your team are you willing to say, yes, I will do this and following through and doing it. And if you’re not, who’s holding you accountable? Who’s being honest with you? Are you left to yourself to be accountable?

Is your CEO, leader, director, manager, holding you accountable? And if not, why not? Ask them to hold you accountable unless you like being in a situation where you just kind of fly under the radar or you don’t really add any purpose to what you’re doing. If you’re in that mode, this, I don’t know understand, why are still listening to this? Because it’s not a great place to be. And people that want to improve their leadership want to be held accountable even when it hurts. So you could also ask for that honesty in a way that will be helpful. I had a boss once used to ambush me with feedback. Well, I thought you wanted to grow. He would say, and I’m like, dude, I would like to be able to grow, but I don’t want to come in here asking for a pencil. And then you telling me, boom, here’s all the things I’ve noticed about you these past four months. I’m going to dump on you now. That’s not how you do it, but looking for the accountability, the commitment to being committed is a big part of being honest. That’s all for today. For more on this topic, visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results talk to you again tomorrow.