Leadership and Honesty – Day One

in a recent survey by Workopolis.com, over 55% of workers said integrity and trust were the most valuable leadership characteristic. This week we examine what that looks like and how to build it.

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Good day and welcome to leave me with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill in this week we’re going to be speaking about something I feel very strongly about. It’s honesty and the reason why I feel strongly about this but honesty and leadership is it really touches on four key characteristics or elements of the workplace that a leader needs to be caring about. And the first is this honesty and leadership really speaks to a leader’s integrity. It really speaks to how they’re going to be believed in, what their reputation will, will be and also speaks very much to transparency and what employees think is true. Are they things happening behind their backs? These are things that matter to employees today. It also speaks very strongly to the leader’s character. if you can’t be thought as someone who is honest, can you really be thought as someone who is full of gratitude or full of empathy or full of service?

And lastly, it really speaks to the leader’s desire for growth. And that is internal honesty, honesty to yourself, being self-aware. And that potentially could be the hardest because often we deal with feelings of the self-saboteur. And that’s when your own thoughts, you try to sacrifice your future. And self-awareness can be very tough because it actually means being honest with yourself, which, ah, who wants to say to yourself, Oh, I really am not good in this area. I need to work hard to improve that. So that’s what we’ll talk about this week. But for more on this topic, visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you and your team inspire others, build loyalty and get results.

Talk to you tomorrow.