Leadership and Resiliency – Day Four

If you choose to forgo the hard work it takes to build leadership resiliency, it can have a significant impact on you. Today we discuss what it is in particular that will be the greatest consequence.


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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill and this week we are looking at leadership resiliency. Today we’re going to look at the impact it will have on you if you are not intentional about building or increasing your capacity for resiliency as a leader. Now, a few years ago, the 2014, 2015 timeline, a couple of UK data scientists did research. They interviewed and surveyed close to a thousand people in the for-profit, not for profit, charity, government sectors, and they discovered the number one thing that will wear on you if you do not practice leadership resiliency. And it’s this, people who do not practice leadership resiliency, who are not intentional about building it will find difficult relationships in the office or office politics to be particularly draining. Meaning it will wear them down, it will wear them as a human being down. It will, it will impact their soul, so to speak, not just their attitude or behavior. It will just be exhausting. You will come home from work tired more so than you would normally be. That is a significant impact. So make sure you go back. Listen to the podcast from earlier this week to learn how to build your leadership resiliency. That’s all for today. For more on this topic, visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty, and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.