Leadership in the Four-Gen Workplace with Clint Pulver

Clint Pulver, a.k.a. The Undercover Millennial, is a wearer of many hats: motivational keynote speaker, author and musician. He is also known as a leading authority on employee retention. He’s helped enormous multi-national corporations such as Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard, among countless others, diminish turnover, increase engagement and create an organization their people never want to leave.

One of his many tips is to do away with generational titles.

“We need to disregard generations altogether. And that’s a bold statement, but I mean that more than anything,” Clint said on the latest episode of the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “Baby boomers hated Gen Y: ‘Dang hippies — hippies! The hippies are going to ruin the world.’ And now we said the same thing about millennials: ‘Entitled, lazy. All they want to do is have fun and purpose, and they want beanbag chairs and ping pong tables everywhere.’ And now that generation is starting to do it to the next, and we’re starting to label and create these stereotypes that are just a fallacy.”

Clint admits that he has met millennials who are entitled and lazy. But he’s also met millennials who are are loyal, hardworking and dedicated to their craft.

“We cannot put millions of people in a generational stereotype, in a box, based off of the year they were born,” Clint says.

For the first time in our history we work in a four-generation workplace. Check out the latest episode of the Leading WIth Nice Interview Series below to hear more from Clint on what it looks like to have success managing and leading such a diverse workforce.

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