Leading In A Four Gen Workplace – Day One

For the first time in history, our workplaces have employees from four generations: baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z. How do you lead in a time like this? This week we discuss each generation.


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Good day in love. Come to the leading with nice daily, my name is Mathieu Yuill, And this week we’re going to look at leading a four gen workplace. And by that I mean how do you lead in a workplace that has people from the baby boomer generation, the gen X generation, gen Y, or millennials, and also gen Z. You know, we’re in a really unique time in history where this is the first time we’ve had four generations in the workplace at one time. And what really makes this an exciting time or incredibly difficult based on how you look at it, is millennials are actually the largest part of our workforce. So we’re going to look at how do you manage and lead in this? How do you negotiate that? And just to give you an overview of each generation, baby boomers, they would include people like bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and they really value high personal growth, team involvement, personal gratification.

Gen Xers would include people like Michael Jordan and artists, Jewel. And they were known also as the latch key kids. They took care of themselves. They saw the fall of the Berlin wall and also had the highest rate of divorce. Parents, they’re really self-sufficient and technology for them is still exciting, but they view work as just a job. Jen wire, millennials Macaulay Culkin, Leann Rimes come to mind and they grew up only knowing technology. They love supportive environments where you talk about schoolyard bullies and have protective adults and helicopter parents, and they a knew that reward,  regardless situation and gen Z, they expect you to interact with social just the way they do. They’re very mission-driven and they’ve already checked you out online. So that’s what we’ll talk about this week. That’s all for today. We’ll see here tomorrow for more on this topic. Visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty, and get results.