Leading Through Depression and Anxiety with Ezra Byer

It was a cold February morning in Toronto when Ezra Byer first knew something wasn’t quite right. 

“I woke up and my wife’s getting ready to go to school,” Ezra recently told Leading With Nice. “I’m sitting there and all of a sudden — and it’s kind of embarrassing to admit — but tears just start pouring down on my face. I’m like, “What is happening here?”

Depression and anxiety had finally gotten the best of him. 

“There was a two- to three-year journey of some really dark nights,” he says. “It was really, really tough to see any light forward, and all sense of hope would just be gone for weeks at a time.” 

Ezra is a full-time freelance writer and uses his craft to cope when he’s personally struggling. Putting pen-to-paper, so to speak, provides him with clarity. Having been in the trenches — and highly intentional around discovering a way out — he wrote Walking with a Limp: Thoughts of Hope for the Depressed & Discouraged, a book about what to do when depression and anxiety take hold.  

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