Learning to Trust Through Privacy with The @ Company

Do you actively think about your privacy when you’re online? Do you trust the websites you visit and services you sign up for? Do you know how your data is being used — or used against you? 

If you shrugged your shoulders at any of those questions, we highly recommend that you check out The Social Dilemma on Netflix. But before you do that, listen to the Leading With Nice Interview Series with Jory Des Jardins and Barbara Tallent from The @ Company. 

Jory, Barbara and the team at The @ Company have one mission: the creation of a more human Internet where privacy is a fundamental right and everyone owns their own data.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Not according to Jory and Barbara.

“Today, the way the Internet is set up is so that each company has to keep and manage a slice, or even large parts, of your data,” Barbara recently told Leading With Nice. “And that data is often duplicate data from site to site, and the companies own it unless you live in California or Europe or other areas that have declared privacy rights. And every site that you log into has you and your database and tracks you and your data. And so what we [The @ Company] are changing is, we’re creating a different architecture on the Internet that lets each person own their own data in their own private database, and then grant permission to it. And you can take that permission away even after you granted it, so it’s really easy for you to take your data back.” 

When The @ Company achieves their goal, Internet privacy won’t be such a contraction in terms. Check out the podcast below to hear more about how The @ Company’s novel approach to help companies and individuals build trust by maintaining privacy.