Letting Creativity Lead with Laurance Yap

Around here at Leading With Nice, we define leadership as anybody who is influencing others to achieve greatness. You don’t necessarily have to have the title of CEO to be a leader.

Case in point: Laurance Yap.

We have known Laurance for the better part of two decades and through various occupations. We first met him while he was travelling the globe as an automotive writer. Then we worked along side him while he was the graphic designer at a start-up publication in Toronto. And in both cases, he brought out the best in not only us, but virtually everyone he worked with.

Laurance, without a doubt, is a leader — although he’d be the first one to tell you otherwise.

“I’ve got to say, I’m so happy to be having this conversation,” he recently told Leading With Nice. “Although I’m kind of surprised because the podcast’s name is Leading With Nice, and many people that I work with probably wouldn’t consider me to be nice. And it’s funny because I don’t actually consider myself to be a leader.”

We should also mention he’s humble, too.

Laurence is currently the creative director at Pfaff Automotive Partners, an automotive retailer in Vaughn, Ont. And he’s completely aware of the uniqueness of his title, given the industry.

“[Creative director] is a title you would normally, I guess, associate with the ad agency world or the content world, that kind of thing,” he says. “And I’d like to joke that my role is doodling in meetings. I doodle in meetings when I’m bored to help keep my brain engaged, but I actually do a lot of doodling in meetings that’s quite productive. I’d like to think that the value that I bring to the organization is really in sitting in a meeting and listening to everybody talk about what they want out of something, out of a specific business, out of a building project we’re doing, and then processing all of that.”

Creativity can be used to lead, influence — and yes — sell cars. Check out the latest episode below to hear about what inspires Laurence when seeking to do just that.