Listening in Order to Lead with Amy Gorecki

When Amy Gorecki was interviewing for her current role as Executive Director at the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO), one of the questions she was asked focussed on what she’d be doing when got there.

Her answer may come as a surprise to some. 

“The first step for me is going to be to sit back and listen,” Amy told the interviewer. “Because if I don’t understand the viewpoints of everybody around me and I don’t understand the history of the organization and where people are coming from, how can I help lead the organization to make the right decisions, to transition into the future and to take the next steps in accomplishing their strategic priorities.” 

Prior to joining STAO, Amy was the Vice-President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario. She had experience in a leadership role but the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario was small, and she never had full ownership for the organization. She was also unfamiliar with working with a board of directors.

As STAO’s first-ever executive director, Amy was tasked with leading a largely volunteer-run, 130-year-old organization through its biggest change in over a century. Listen to the Leading With Nice Interview Series episode below to find out how she managed this task without an abundance of resources.