Be a resource for your reports and watch productivity skyrocket

Your job as a manager is to get results through other people. So why is it more managers don’t spend time trying to find out how they can help their direct reports?

When a project is introduced to a team it behoves the project lead to be proactive with reaching out to those under them to ensure they know what they’re doing, they’re doing it well and they haven’t run into any problems. It might seem simple but how often have you sat at your desk trying to figure something out or overcome an obstacle wishing there was an easy answer? If you don’t know you can ask your manager it wouldn’t be unlikely for you to sit on it, do it poorly or wait until they come by. If the manager isn’t the kind of person to invest in you already, that is.

Managers have projects and responsibilities they need to complete too and like a baby, it takes a village to do a great job on a project.

It’s easy to get everyone on board and working towards the same goal but the process to accomplish this is by investing in your direct reports but helping them achieve their goals.

A common marketing axiom if you have to be interested in your customers before they will be interested in you. That means getting to know them and finding out how you can help them.

Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.