The Chief of Play with Aiden Hepburn

Imagine, if you will, being a kid and having Toys”R”Us — one of the world’s leading retailers of toys — personally ask you to test out the hottest new video games, dolls, action figures, electronics and more. Sounds too good to be true, right? Thirteen-year-old Aiden Hepburn is living that dream.

Last March, Aiden was selected by Toys”R”Us Canada as their new Chief Play Officer (CPO). He beat out hundreds of applicants for the coveted title, which carries with it the responsibility to act as Toys”R”Us Canada’s spokesperson, spreading the wonders of play to parents and children across the country.

Translation: Aiden gets to play with and review the latest and greatest new toys — a responsibility he takes very seriously.

“I try to give as honest of a review as I can about a certain toy,” Aiden said on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. “But then I remember, even if I might not like the toy or I might not show any interest in the toy, I know that there are lots and lots of kids who probably think it’s the best toy in the world. And so I try to put myself in their shoes and I try and find all the cool key features.”

Aiden steps into the roll last held by Meganne Dagenais in 2020, who retired to focus on school. The competition for the new CPO was stiff, but there were a few things that helped tip the scales in Aiden’s favour.

“Aiden’s confidence and charisma is what set him apart,” said Vic Bertrand, CEO of Toys”R”Us Canada. “It was clear during our interviews that he has the ability to connect and inspire those around him and has the confidence to bring the fun and joy of the Toys”R”Us brand to life. We know that Aiden will inspire and delight Canadians from coast to coast.”

Check out the episode below, as Aiden shares with us how he came to the role, his process for play and what the future holds for Toys”R”Us Canada’s young toy expert. You can follow Aiden’s adventures on Instagram and YouTube.