The Future of Leadership with Adam Kingl

Today’s global workforce is made up of 50% millennials, and in just a few short years that number is projected to balloon to 75%! And although the approach to leadership is changing, it’s not changing fast enough — what we deem important and how we lead needs to catch up.

“The number one complaint that I hear from CEOs is that our organization isn’t nearly as innovative, adaptable, and inspirational as it needs to be,” said Adam Kingl, leadership expert, speaker and author, on the Leading With Nice Interview Series. “And the reason has to do with the fact that we are still adhering to management processes and philosophies of 160 years ago. We still run our organizations as if they are 18th-century military campaigns.”

Adam’s career spans an impressive range of industries including entertainment, consulting and education, and he has spent decades working in innovation, strategy, culture and leadership. He is a highly respected expert on generational paradigms in the workplace, creativity, strategic and management innovation, the future of work, leadership, empowerment, culture and fulfilling organizational and personal purpose. In 2020, Adam’s book, Next Generation Leadership: How To Ensure Young Talent Will Thrive With Your Organization, was published by HarperCollins Leadership.

Check out the episode below to hear why Adam believes that organizations must adapt to the expectations of younger generations in order to thrive, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this one!