The Risks and Rewards of Leadership

Leadership can be lonely. Executives, for example, are often burdened with day-today challenges only they can solve and are privy to sensitive business and employee information that can’t be shared or discussed with colleagues. Leaders may feel that they never have the opportunity to “turn it off” leading to feelings of isolation and burnout. Also, words of encouragement or validation may seem hard to come by triggering existential doubt: “Does our work really matter?”

It may feel lonely at the top — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We recently had Maria Locker, founder and CEO of RevolutionHER, on the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast, and she shared some great insights into how leaders can break out of that feeling of isolation.

Check out the video below for some high-level leadership tips from our conversation with Maria, and be sure to listen to the entire episode here.