Three popular workshops for your team

Building into your team in the workplace will result in increased production, less sick days taken and an inspired workforce. You want to offer great professional development and be able to measure the return on investment for the organization. Here are three great workshops Leading With Nice offers that employees enjoy because they take away new skills and learning about themselves, the organization loves because participants leave with actionable skills they begin using right away and team leaders love it because it strengthens and brings a high sense of cooperation to their team.


How do you help your customers know exactly why they should buy from you? Maybe your customer is another business unit in the organization, maybe you’re a non-profit looking to engage donors or you’re a B2B or B2C business wanting to bring clarity to your messaging. This workshop helps you define the three problems your customers are facing and articulate how you are uniquely qualified to help solve their problems. You and your team will leave this workshop with the right language to use on the web, in social, email marketing, print and anywhere else you use messaging to engage your customer.

Motivation, Behaviours and Relationship Styles

How someone behaves naturally is different from what motivates them. Knowing the difference can impact the results between being an effective contributing member of the team and just being along for the ride. In this workshop, participants complete scientifically and research based assessments to discover their motivation, behaviour and relationship styles. During the workshop the team will come to understand how they help each other meet their full potential. Research shows that teams that have a greater understanding of the members of their team find it easier to meet deadlines, work collaboratively and complete a higher percentage of their projects on time and on budget.

Team Effectiveness

When your car is misaligned, it wears the tires down quicker than they should, it makes the engine work a little harder than it needs to and you end up spending more money on maintenance than you should have to. This workshop helps your team move towards alignment. Together you’ll discover a place of shared understanding. Where each member of the team has clarity on what the purpose of their organization or team is, what the roadmap to success looks like and how their functional expertise can break down silos and lead to cross-department alignment. Oftentimes individuals don’t have complete clarity on how their work contributes to the success of an organization. By understanding organizational core values, participants will have the ability to align who they are and what they do towards the organization’s success.

We would love to join you and help your team. Book a time with our principal consultant, Mathieu Yuill, or email us about scheduling one of these workshops, or a custom solution, for your organization.