Tragedy to Triumph with Brandon Peacock

June 29, 2020, began like any other day for Brandon Peacock.

He woke up, went to work, and planned to get his hair cut before heading home for the day. But Brandon, now 25, didn’t get his hair cut that afternoon.

As he was about to enter a barbershop in Ottawa’s west-end, a car pulled up and opened fire. Brandon was shot three times — once in the left leg, once in the chest and a bullet also pierced the femoral artery in his right leg.

Although he wasn’t the intended target, he ended up the victim. His injuries were so severe, the doctors told his parents he had a 50/50 chance of making it through the night. However, as you’ll hear in the episode below, Brandon didn’t take to the victim moniker.

“I think you’re at your most dangerous, and your greatest potential for success, when you’re the most vulnerable and the most desperate,” he says. “When it came to my rehabilitation process, and finding a purpose for everything that I went through, that’s what kept me awake at night … And that drove me to want to use this to make a change for other people.”

Welcome to Season 2 of the Leading With Nice Interview Series podcast. This is Brandon Peacock’s story of tragedy and triumph.