What Is Leadership? – Day Five

It’s the final day of our discussion on What is Leadership? Today we turn to author and former professional sports agent, Molly Fletcher, and author of Good to Great, Jim Collins, for what a leader must be above all else.

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Welcome to the leading with nice daily. I’m Mathieu Yuill. Today we wrap up our week of looking at the question, what is leadership? Clearly we tackled a really broad topic this week. We could probably spend the entire year on the question, what is leadership? I became interested in the study of leadership in the early 2000’s and around 2005 I began to develop leading with nice leading with nicest, simply the pursuit of increasing your capacity to be a leader full of gratitude, empathy, trust, honesty, generosity and service. I believe the data shows if you are intentional in developing these qualities, you’ll succeed as a leader. Here’s one more theme that I believe helps answer the question. What is leadership? And I’m going to borrow a line from author and former professional sports agent Molly Fletcher, what she has said and combine it with a thought from author of good to great Jim Collins. Humility

Leadership that lasts, that creates legacy that builds beyond itself must be rooted in humility. Jim Collins says that’s a key attribute of what he calls a level five leader. Molly Fletcher says this, trade defensiveness for curiosity. Humility is the essence of a hungry leader. It’s Friday, so no homework today. Instead, I want to leave you with some encouragement by making this part of your daily routine. You are trading defensiveness for curiosity. Good on you. Have a great weekend for more on this topic. Visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Talk to you again Monday.