What is Leadership? – Day Four

This week we’re looking at the question: What is leadership? Today we look at the anti-question – what leadership is not. At a base level, there are three types of leadership and what we’re seeing today is leadership that exists in one style and doesn’t deviate. Is this good or bad?

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Welcome to the leading with nice daily. I’m Mathieu Yuill this week we’re looking at the question, What is leadership? Today I have the anti question two. What is leadership? It’s this what leadership is not. The reason I want to spend a moment on this question is this. For every 10 searches on Google for what is leadership, there is one search for what leadership is not. I found that to be a really high ratio like I would expect and something of like 50 to one or a hundred to one, but I think it’s a reflection of what is happening in the world today. So another week we’ll look at leadership styles, but basically, you know, for a long time there’s been three leadership styles that they teach in business school, autocratic, democratic and laissez Faire. You know, good leadership is usually a combination of those styles.

But why I think we’re seeing such a high percentage of searches for what leadership is not is because people are experiencing leadership that is being practiced heavily in one area, so heavily in autocratic, heavily in democratic, etc. We’re seated on TV, reading about it online, experienced it on social media, and were being subjected to it in our workplace. But quickly, what leadership is not, it’s basically the three P’s. It’s not position, it’s not power. It’s not pride. Leadership is none of that. So here’s your action for today. Look at yourself as a leader. Are there any areas where you lean on your formal position, your ability to have power over someone or your pride in your status to enforce your leadership? Why is that? For more on this topic, visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.