What is Leadership? – Day Three

This week we’re looking at the question: What is leadership? In today’s flash briefing we will look at: What Simon Sinek says about leadership, a paradigm shift and who you might be able to help maximize.

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Welcome to the leading with nice daily. I’m Mathieu Yuill. This week we’re looking at the question, what is leadership? Yesterday we looked at some thoughts from author Kevin Cruz. He said leadership is about maximizing the efforts of those you lead. I want to introduce another thought from author Simon Sinek. You might know him from the start with why, the second most popular Ted talk ever given, he says this people aren’t a wet towel that we are trying to ring every last drop out of. I like to take it one more step and say this. People are a towel, but what we want to do is enable them to soak up as much water as possible. We want to enable everyone to reach their full potential. Where I see this as an important paradigm shift is an attitude of let’s get to the top of this Hill as fast as possible and I’ll buy you a drink and he can beat me up.

There is, it lumps everyone into this a player group. It discounts anyone from your leadership who can’t get up the Hill in your amount of time. There is, of course, nuance to what Cruz wrote. I appreciate that, but here’s your action for today. Yesterday you identified one area you haven’t been intentional about maximizing the efforts of those you lead. Today think about that area and consider how can you help the individuals in that area maximize their efforts? How do you help them soak up as much water as they can? For More on this topic, visit leading with nice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.