Relying on your own ability to get to know your employees or direct reports is leaving a lot of great information on the table. Today we discuss why using an assessment is key to understanding your team.

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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. This week we’re asking the question, do you know what your employees really want? And yesterday we spoke about a really simple technique, which is just talk to your employees. I know, crazy, right? Get to know them. Go for lunch with them, just engage with them and learn about them as a person because that’s what they want to be known as. But there are other tools you can use that doesn’t rely solely on your ability to have an interpersonal relationship. In fact, I would argue that if that’s all you rely on, you’re cheating yourself because even people that have that high level of interpersonal relationship abilities are going to miss things. I love using tools and assessments to get to know the behaviors and motivators and competencies and emotional intelligence of people in an organization. And there’s lots of tools out there.

Uh, there is, you know, the buyer’s Briggs is a classic one strength finder Enneagram. But the one that I tool that I really like is, uh, the disc assessment and not just any disc assessment. One that comes with motivators and behaviors and why it’s so key is when your employees do an assessment like this, a disc assessment that has behaviors and motivators, not only are you understanding how they behave at work and how they behave when they’re stressed, but you also understand what motivates them. So what motivates this person to be really compliant and what motivates that person to be really dominated and take charge kind of person? How can you set up those motivators to help them behave in their best way possible? That’s all for today. For more on this topic, visit leading with where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Taji and tomorrow.