What’s On The Blog – Day Five

What does IBM know about service driven leadership? They studied their most successful account managers and built a system to repeat their success. Today we discuss how IBM hires and trains account managers for big success.


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good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill and this week we’re looking at blog posts from leadingwithnice.com and we’re doing that this week because I always tell you for more on this topic, visit the website. Well here are the types of things you’ll find in today. I want to talk about a blog post called improve your service with three easy steps and as you may know, one of the pillars of leading with nice is being service driven and the University of Arizona and IBM teamed up a while back because IBM wanted to find out why their most successful account managers were so successful and these account managers run just a little bit successful. They were magnitude times more successful than other account managers and what they discovered was simply remarkable. The most successful account managers at IBM have one quality in common. They are service leaders. IBM went on to change the way they hired and trained their account managers.

They even changed internal processes to emphasize service leadership. IBM understood that most of us don’t. And you can learn to be a service leader and it’s as simple as following three easy steps and this is how you do it. First, do your homework. Learn about whoever you’re interacting with, the organization, the person, etc, etc. Two be truly interested in understanding the other person and three, show them how you’ve already taken steps to help show initiative and being service driven. Your customer service is just as important as your product and service driven leadership is one way to exemplify that. There’s more to this blog post, so to read the entire thing, leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Talk to you next week.