What’s On The Blog – Day Four

Sharing information is key to helping your organization succeed. Employees put a lot of risk in the hands of their employers, so why wouldn’t they want to know the health of an organization? Today we discuss why more transparency is better than less.


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Good Day, welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is MathieuYuill and this week we’re looking at some blog posts from leadingwithnicedaily.com because I always tell you go there for more information. Well, here’s the kind of more information you can find and today I want to talk about this. It’s, it’s a blog post called will sharing information with employees hurt or help. There’s actually mountains of scientific and academic data that says sharing information with employees leads to better unification, increased productivity and improved morale, but there’s still a large populace of corporate leaders that feels keeping their underlings in the dark is the best bet, but really nothing is further from the truth. There’s a report by James shear of the manufacturing optimization group and he points towards employees built-in interest and understanding the wellbeing and finances of the organization they’re working for. He actually has this great list of risks that employees put in the hands of their employers.

They actually put their financial wellbeing enhancing employers, their creditworthiness, their lifestyles, and their future on the success of the enterprise is all in the hands of the employer. So clearly employees have an interest in knowing about the organization, and this is why I want to advocate for more transparency around sharing financial reports, future plans. You don’t have to invite them into the conversation, but sharing that with a bit of transparency really leads to greater honesty and trust, which is well shown to be better for the bottom line from around this topic. There’s a lot more in the article visit leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty, and get results taught you. Talk to you then tomorrow