What’s On The Blog – Day Three

Master Muppeteer, Jim Henson, relied heavily on building trust in his office which he called the workshop. This made the workplace an enjoyable place to work.

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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill this week we’re looking at blog posts from leadingwithnice.com. Every day I tell you for more on this topic, visit the website. Well, here’s what you can find on the website in addition to a photo of myself. There’s more to it than just a photo of me and some blog posts, but here’s some blog posts you can definitely check out. And this one is three ways to recognize and celebrate employee accomplishments. And I love this one because celebration is such a great way to recognize employees and encourage them and empower them. And the first way is really easy at lunch and not, not saying you have to take them out, but at lunch when you’re around in the lunch room or whatnot, take a genuine interest in someone else’s hobby. Start a conversation like this. Hey, I noticed you always knit at lunch.

I have a grandmother and uncle, etc, who knits their specialty is slippers. What are you making? How did you learn? Those three questions alone is more than most people have asked them about knitting in a long time. I guarantee you, Hey, I heard you at comic con this past weekend. Do you always attend? What kind of comics are you into? Those are just some questions that let them tell you a bit more about their hobby. The second one is this, Oh, I had a boss who did this, so great, invite them to join you for coffee. I had a boss whenever they were going into Martins, we’d say, Hey, do you want to come? It was what a five minute walk there and back, but what a great way to like make somebody feel appreciated and really recognize and celebrate that employee cause on the walk over there and say things like, Hey, your project’s going really well could i of help you with anything. And oftentimes if I said yes, you can help me, they wouldn’t do it themselves. They would actually, you know, maybe get my manager to help me out. Now there’s one more chip, it’s an important one, but I’m going to make you go to the website to find it out. It’s all available at leadingwithnice.com where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty, and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.