Your Customer: The Hero – Day One

Does your customer feel like the hero when they deal with you or do they feel like YOU’RE trying to be the hero? This week we discuss how to make the customer the hero of the story with your business.


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Good day and welcome to the leading with nice daily. My name is Mathieu Yuill, and this week we’re going to look at your customer the hero. So what we want to discuss this week is how are we talking in public that makes somebody feel like, Hey, like this is, this company gets me. They have what I want. They’re fulfilling one of my needs. How are they going to do things like online? How are we going to help them stop the scroll? When they’re going through Facebook or Instagram, if they’re going to stop and be like, Oh yeah, I hear this is my hippo. How are we going to get them to go beyond that half a second, 500 milliseconds. They say we have on a website to make them scroll down further and in talk with us. How are we going to use language in a client meeting?

Or how are we going to position ourselves at a trade show that people who we want to be our customers recognize that we are the place for them to help solve their problems? And that’s really the first thing we’re going to talk about is you need to be the place that is addressing one of their problems. And I believe that there are three types of problems that an organization can address to get a client to recognize that yes, there for me, you can address a physical problem, an emotional problem, or a philosophical problem, and a physical problem might be like, Oh, you’re simply close to me. I, that’s a good thing. An emotional problem could be, Oh, you provide this product that I  didn’t realize was gonna cure such and I had. And a philosophical problem could be solving a problem like saying, Oh, you didn’t know you needed this. Well, here’s why you do so. We’ll talk about that this week for more on this topic though. Visit where we want to help you inspire others, build loyalty and get results. Talk to you again tomorrow.