• StoryBrand workshop
  • StoryBrand website
  • Communications playbook
  • Corporate renaming
  • Logo design and brand style guide
  • Lead generators
  • Chatbot development

Many nonprofits find themselves stuck in a cycle where they are spending valuable time and money completing tasks that aren’t part of their core goals. In the case of Amplify Mission, they free up nonprofits to focus on their goals by bringing their expertise in bookkeeping, back office and more. The net result is more time and money spent on the nonprofit’s mission.

Problem: The genesis of Amplify Mission is that of a company that served other for-profit entities. When the founder wanted to begin offering these services to nonprofits, the messaging proved to be unclear. They concluded they would need to build a new organization from the ground up and as such, did not have a name for it, let alone a website, language or corporate logo.

How Leading With Nice helped:

  • Completed a StoryBrand workshop and created a communications playbook that identified Amplify Mission’s unique selling propositions and clearly outlined what made them special in this space
  • Brought the Amplify Mission staff through a naming and logo discovery process, which ultimately led to the name “Amplify Mission” and the logo
  • Designed and developed a StoryBrand website complete with an intuitive chatbot to help capture leads along with several lead generators
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Staff morale is high; they are proud of the name, logo and website as they were included in every step of the rebranding process

Potential leads have become clients thanks to the clarity of language and the communications playbook, which makes it common for everyone

A roadmap for future marketing and communications efforts has already been developed making it simple for Amplify Mission to pull the appropriate lever when the time comes

“Our team and organization both won”

Mathieu brings what every seasoned communications professional needs – a fresh perspective. His ability understand your message, and the right amount of “salt” to get you better results and more engagement with your audiences is powerful.

Working with Mathieu is also an enjoyable experience, especially when your whole team gets involved in one of his workshops. You not only come away with honed skills but also a more collaborative team.

My experience with Leading with Nice has ranged from traditional print communications to online writing. From the planning process to execution, I have come away with a better product after all my interactions.

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