• StoryBrand workshop
  • Communications playbook
  • Social media consulting and coaching
The toy market is saturated with low-quality licensed products that do little (if anything) to promote the development of children and often don’t last more than a season. This is where Bright Bean is a shining beacon in the toy landscape. Focused on sourcing and offering toys that give parents the opportunity to be an active participant in their child’s development, Bright Bean also offers free resources on their website to further support parents.

Problem: Bright Bean has a marketing team of one at the junior level. The enthusiasm and ability to execute has never been in question, but the simple lack of having been exposed to decades of marketing strategy meant their sole marketing staff member often felt like they were on an island without somewhere to turn for camaraderie, challenge and validation.

The economics didn’t justify hiring a senior-level marketing professional and they needed another invested party to provide a boost for their marketing department.

How Leading With Nice helped:

  • Completed a StoryBrand workshop and created a communications playbook, bringing clarity to social media, email marketing and the website
  • Participated in marketing strategy meetings and coached Bright Bean’s marketing staff
  • Transitioned into a Marketing as a Service agreement by providing tremendous value in marketing and communications without the expense of bringing on multiple marketing professionals
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Increased sales over the summer months

Marketing plans created in advance of current quarter allowing for easier adjustments when needed

Higher morale knowing the marketing staff was being supported by the decades of experience the Leading With Nice team offers

“Our team and organization both won”

Mathieu brings what every seasoned communications professional needs – a fresh perspective. His ability understand your message, and the right amount of “salt” to get you better results and more engagement with your audiences is powerful.

Working with Mathieu is also an enjoyable experience, especially when your whole team gets involved in one of his workshops. You not only come away with honed skills but also a more collaborative team.

My experience with Leading with Nice has ranged from traditional print communications to online writing. From the planning process to execution, I have come away with a better product after all my interactions.

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